Ms. Ngozi Nnaji

Principal, Founder, Managing Partner, Ako Brokerage Services, LLC

Ngozi started Ako Brokerage Services, LLC in 2017, after a 20-year career in the insurance industry. She started the firm recognizing a growing desire for insureds to better understand the insurance programs that they were managing. Ako Brokerage Services provides the vehicle for insureds to evaluate the protection of their assets by serving as a full-service brokerage and consulting firm. Ngozi not only works with individuals and their families as well business and their owners. Most recently, Ngozi recognized an additional need within the insurance industry. She saw many insurance employers continue to struggle with diversifying their workforce in an industry that has historically struggled to do so. In response, Ngozi launched Ako Insurance Consulting, a recruiting and retention firm focused on Black Talent in the insurance industry.