Ms. Sri Ramaswamy

CEO and Co Founder, Infinilytics

Entrepreneur, Thought leader and Data enthusiast along with being a devoted mother and wife! Sri Ramaswamy is the Founder and CEO of Infinilytics focusing on providing AI/ML Solutions to Insurance Industry. Sri has 19+ years of extensive experience in enterprise application architecture, enterprise S/W product development, BI, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the Banking and Insurance industries. Sri was the first to pioneer the launch of Insights Engine for Insurance to reduce loss adjustment expenses, severity, litigation and improve risk selection. She brought together industry domain experts and technology thought leaders, data scientists and software architects to create Charlee. Charlee is a pre-built, pre-trained Insights Engine. Charlee™ analyzes and summarizes actionable insights & predictions from from multiple formats and claims, policy data sources – internal and external, structured and unstructured using proprietary natural language processing models thats been trained over millions of claims and documents. Sri enjoys hiking and serves as a secretary in her son's parents teachers board. Sri is working passionately to enable students develop hand-on experience with STEAM related projects so they'll appreciate the academics.